Custom Commands bot's privacy policy

This bot is all about custom commands. Using this you can make own commands for your server that can send texts, embeds, random responses, give/remove/toggle roles with much more customization feature.

Information we collect

Upon signing up on the website we get some basic information form user discord profile that's your discord username, avatar and what server you are in.

Third party connection

We do not get or share any kind of data from/to any third party.

Information we store

Whenever you create command we store some basic info like your user id, and the server id to make things protected and insulated.


To contact me (Shahriyar), the developer of Custom Commands bot, if you want the data to be removed or for any other reason, you can mention Shahriyar#9770 (696939596667158579) in the official Discord server.

Also see Discord’s Privacy Policy.

Thanks for using Custom Commands!